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Juba - 8 Oct 2018

Radio Tamazuj launches a new means of communication

Image: Radio Tamazuj graphic
Image: Radio Tamazuj graphic

Radio Tamazuj now enables everyone to share their photos and videos in a very accessible and secure way through a so-called chatbot. On the Facebook page of Tamazuj you will find the chatbot, which makes it easy to share and spread newsworthy images and videos with the local and international media.

South Sudan media environment remains fragile; it is becoming more difficult for journalists to share information. For this reason, Radio Tamazuj will work together with Unframed Media to accomplish this.

Unframed Media

Unframed Media is a Dutch company which aims to get photos and videos from countries with little or no freedom of the press and share them with international news media. Unframed Media wants to work with Radio Tamazuj to make it easier for everyone to share information across South Sudan.

By way of using footage from the local population instead of just from trained journalist, will increase the provision of news and make it more objective and make your news internationally known. All we need is your contribution.

How does the chatbot work?

The chatbot on the Facebook page of Radio Tamazuj enables everyone to share newsworthy photos and videos. During the conversation with the chatbot you can make a photo or video of an important event, or choose a previously taken one. Next, the chatbot will ask a few questions about the photo and/or video you uploaded, such as the location and time the picture was taken. After uploading the footage, you have the opportunity to share your personal contact information. This can then be used by us and other news media, which are connected to the platform of Unframed Media, to contact you. It is possible that the journalists want to know more about the footage. To share this, is completely up to you. You are under no obligation to share anything you do not want to share.

Sold photos or videos

These images and/or videos are obviously not for free. International news media are connected to the closed platform of Unframed Media. These parties have access to the images that you have shared. The photos and videos are sold and can be used for news articles. Halve of what is raised by selling the images will go back to Radio Tamazuj, which can then be used to improve the provision of news in South Sudan.

By working together, we ensure more international attention for South Sudan and for an improved news supply in South Sudan. So try the chatbot and upload what you think is important. Your contribution can be of great importance!

Want to know more about the concept and the persons working at Unframed Media? Take a look at their website at


Q: What is a chatbot?
A: A chatbot is an automated service which is not a real person, but understands the things you are saying to it and automatically replies to that.

Q: Am I, the up loader, getting paid?
A: No. A big chunk of what the photo and/or video makes goes to Radio Tamazuj.

Q: Who will the photos and videos be sent to?
A: The imagery is sent to a closed platform where numerous news organisations will be able to access it. These are local South Sudanese media and international media, mostly from The Netherlands.

Q: Will the number of news organisations that joined Unframed Media’s platform stay the same?
A: No, Unframed Media is continuously working to get more media and newsrooms to join the platform.

Q: Who is allowed to share their photos or videos?

A: The platform is open for everyone to share information.