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YIROL - 22 Mar

2 killed over land dispute between Jonglei and Eastern Lakes

At least two people were killed and five others injured in a clash over a land dispute between two viral communities from Jonglei and Eastern Lakes states on Monday, a local official said.

MUNDRI - 22 Mar

Amadi state civil servants return after improved security

About 387 civil servants in Amadi state ministries, commissions and the organized forces returned home after the security situation improved in the state, an official said.
JUBA - 22 Mar

Mangateen IDPs complain of lack of services

Internally displaced persons at Mangateen area in the capital Juba complained of lack of clean water since last month, a coordinator at the camp said on Wednesday.
KAKUMA - 22 Mar

South Sudanese refugees complain of water shortage at Kukuma camp

South Sudanese refugees at Kakuma camp 1 in neighboring Kenya are complaining of lack of clean drinking water for nearly a week.
AYOD - 22 Mar

Fangak parliament opens for first time since 2015

South Sudan’s Fangak State parliament, launched in 2015, officially opened on Wednesday for the first time.
By Prof. John A Akec - 21 Mar

Opinion: One last chance to save a bastion of higher education

The University of Juba has been a pole of stability, a bastion of higher education, and a symbol of resilience in South Sudan over the last five years. This is despite the enormous...