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NAIROBI - 24 Nov

Malong, sanctioned by the US, denies responsibility for private militia

South Sudan’s former army chief, who was sanctioned by the United States and Canada for allegedly obstructing peace efforts, has denied bearing “ultimate command responsibility” for the formation of a private militia accused of orchestrating massive violence since December 2013, which marked the start of the current civil war.

JUBA - 24 Nov

Malong's associate shot dead in Juba

A young man linked to the former SPLA Chief of General Staff General Paul Malong was shot dead in Juba this evening.
JUBA - 24 Nov

Machar's ex-spokesperson appears in court in Juba

South Sudan rebel leader Riek Machar’s former spokesperson, who is facing charges of treason and other serious charges, appeared in court in Juba today.
JUBA - 24 Nov

Troika denies reports on Machar's exclusion from revitalization process

The members of the Troika (the UK, US and Norway) issued a statement denying reports by the government of South Sudan that they have agreed to exclude rebel leader Riek Machar...
YEI - 24 Nov

Man rapes wife to death in Yei

A man has raped his wife to death at Erap residential area in Yei town on Wednesday, a police officer said on Thursday.
YEI - 24 Nov

Co-founder of Emmanuel Christian College in Yei urges for peace

The co-founder of Emmanuel Christian College in South Sudan’s Yei State, George William, has urged South Sudanese citizens to embrace peace, reconciliation and forgiveness through...