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GOK MACHAR - 5 Jun 2013

Zain extends coverage to Gok Machar

Zain mobile phone services were made available in Gok Machar, Aweil North County, since early this week.

County Commissioner Kuol Athuai Hal said the network coverage connected citizens to their loved ones elsewhere and also helped address security threats in the region.

“I used to communicate with the state government using Thuraya which is sometimes so expensive, and my people used to pay a lot of money to reach to Aweil town or Nyamlel county, Aweil West County for communicating with their relatives, friends in other parts of South Sudan and the world,” he said.

Adut Mou Gop, a native of Majak Baai payam under the county of Gok Machar said that he was surprised to receive a phone call from a colleague in Malakal town when he had been used to switching off his phone when leaving Aweil town.

A student at Day Star Secondary called Diany Laul Diany appreciated Zain company for setting up the network coverage. He said that he had grown so tired of writing messages on paper to his parents whenever he needed their help.

Photo: Riziegat nomads in Gok Machar, March 2013 (Radio Tamazuj)