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KHARTOUM - 8 Jan 2013

Yellow fever eradicated in Darfur – Minister of Health

Sudan’s Minister of Health, Bahar Idriss Abu Garda, has confirmed that yellow fever is believed to have been eradicated in Darfur following the recent epidemic. 

However, from Khartoum on Saturday, he added that the government is expecting the World Health Organization (WHO) to announce the disease’s eradication from the area officially within the next few days.

The minister said in apress statement that no new cases of yellow fever have been reported in the Darfur region nor are there any remaining cases being treated in hospitals. 

‘The vaccinations will finish in two weeks and Darfur will become immune from yellow fever for ten years to come,’ the minister added.

He acknowledged the roles played by the Ministry of Health, civil society organizations and the WHO in eradicating the epidemic.

There were over 200 cases in the recent outbreak which resulted in 92 deaths throughout Darfur.

Photo: yellow fever patients (UN)