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Yellow fever claims more lives in South Darfur

Three displaced persons have died and another six have been infected with yellow fever in Kalma camp, South Darfur on Saturday, 1 December, according to reports received from the area.

Ali Yaqoub, head sheikh of Kalma camp, told Radio Dabanga that residents from different sectors of the camp have been infected with the disease and added that two residents passed away after suffering from heavy bleedings. The sheikh said that the third victim died on the way to the hospital.

Yaqoub informed Radio Dabanga that another six residents have been infected with yellow fever and pointed out that they demanded health authorities to provide them with vaccinations at an earlier stage, in anticipation of the fear that the disease would spread. He claims that the health authorities have not responded so far.

The sheikh added that after the disease emerged in the camp, they requested the authorities again to provide them with vaccinations but he claims they did not respond.

The sheikh called on the health authorities to vaccinate the displaced as soon as possible, as well as to start the spraying campaigns in the camp to contain the spread of mosquitoes. Additionally, he called for granting access to humanitarian organizations to provide aid.

'Suspected cases of yellow fever'

For his part, South Darfur's Minister of Health, Ahmed al-Tayyeb, acknowledged the emergence of 'suspected cases of yellow fever' in Kalma camp in an interview with Radio Dabanga. The minister stated he could not confirm if those cases are yellow fever, until blood samples are analyzed by the federal lab. He revealed that the samples are currently being taken and will be sent to the federal lab for analysis.

At the same time, South Darfur's Ministry of Health stated that the first phase of the vaccination campaign in East Jebel Marra has been concluded. The minister noted that the second phase will begin in the coming days, including the localities of Belail and Nyala as well as the state's main camps.

He attributed the delay of the campaign to the late arrival of the vaccines.

Central Darfur

Sources from Um Dukhan in Central Darfur, informed Radio Dabanga on Saturday that three people died and another seven were infected with yellow fever.

Central Darfur's Minister of Health, Issa Mohamed Moussa Ahmed, denied the deaths in Um Dukhan and stressed that one new case of the disease has emerged in the locality.

Additionally, the minister disclosed in an interview with Radio Dabanga the emergence of three new cases in the localities of Zalingei and another case in Wadi Saleh.

He also revealed an increase in the yellow fever incidence in Central Darfur from 362 to 387 and an increase in the death toll from 78 to 80. The minister explained that on Sunday another person passed away as a result of the disease in Zalingei.

The minister attributed the emergence of new cases in Um Dukhan, Bendessey, Mukjar and Rongo Tass to the failure in expanding the vaccination campaign to those localities in the first phase.

Lastly, the minister announced that 4 December is the last day of the vaccination campaign in the four localities and called on the residents to visit the vaccination centers as soon as possible.

From its part, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced that the yellow fever death toll in Sudan amounts to 110, a percentage of 4.29% of all cases. The WHO added that 23 localities in Darfur have been affected by the disease.

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