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YEI - 15 Feb 2018

Yei State education ministry launches 5-year strategic plan

The ministry of education in Yei River State has unveiled a 5-year Strategic Plan aimed at improving the quality of education in the state.

The 52-page document contains guiding principles, resource allocations, monitoring and evaluation, implementation matrix among others.

Amule Felix, the state director general for education says the general objectives of the strategic plan are to empower the teaching profession, ensure access to quality education, improve access to information and communication technology, and promote gender equity in education.

“This is very important for us as a government and the NGOs supporting us so that we don’t go outside this document and this will give us a direction to achieving the overall objective of improving the quality of education in the state,” he said.

He appealed to all education stakeholders in the state to use the plan for resource planning and for financial accountability.