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Yei - 18 Aug 2021

Yei fuel retailers resume business after protest

File photo
File photo

Fuel retailers in Yei town of Central Equatoria State on Tuesday resumed business after closing down their operations in protest to directives by local authorities to reduce prices. 

Last week, the Yei River County local government authorities issued a directive to all fuel stations to reduce prices from 650 to 450 SSP per liter after the local currency made gains against the US dollar. 

A fuel dealer at the Baraka Petrol Station who preferred anonymity told Radio Tamazuj on Tuesday, “All the fuel stations in Yei town have resumed operations after fuel station managers held a meeting with the county government.” 

He said during the meeting, the fuel dealer demanded that the government reduce taxes on essential commodities like fuel and remove illegal and unnecessary checkpoints along the highways. They also requested that the government rehabilitate the Yei-Juba and Yei-Kaya highways to enable the supply and delivery of fuel and other essential commodities into Yei town.

Edward Luba, the chairperson of the Yei chamber of commerce confirmed that all the fuel stations had resumed normal operations in the town.

“I can confirm that all the fuel stations are functioning and a liter is now at 450 from 650 SSP. This is so because the dollar exchange rate has also dropped. I want to thank all the fuel station managers for listening and implementing government market regulations to reduce market prices in the town,” Luba said.

He urged the government to ensure that all illegal checkpoints mounted on the Yei-Juba and Yei-Kaya roads to collect illegal taxes are removed.

Malish Tadayo, a bodaboda rider in Yei town, welcomed the local government’s move to reduce commodity prices, including the cost of fuel in Yei town.

“I am very happy with the directive issued by the county commissioner regulating fuel prices in the town and this is what the common people want. For many months a liter of fuel used to cost 650 SSP and now we are buying it at 450 SSP,” Malish said. “We have also reduced the cost of internal transport that used to be 200 SSP per kilometer and it is now 150 SSP, this is because the cost of fuel has also reduced.”

Mike Gaga, a motorcyclist and generator operator, welcomed price reduction and lauded the business community for listening to the cries of ordinary citizens.

“The cost of running motorcycles, cars and generators has slightly reduced and we are very happy for this great improvement and also wish that fuel prices should even reduce up to 300 SSP to improve the standard of living in Yei town,” Gaga said.

He urged the government to restore lasting peace and implement sound economic policies for economic growth and development.