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YEI - 22 Feb 2018

Yei authorities confiscate expired goods from market

Authorities in Yei town council have confiscated huge quantities of expired large quantities of expired goods in a search operation carried out in the town.

Town Clerk Azariah Khamis Noah told radio Tamazuj that the expired items were confiscated from several local traders in Yei town. He explained that the items include house paints, sweets, biscuits, soft drinks, body lotions and other consumer goods.

He further said the move aimed to protect consumer in the area.

Azariah pointed out large quantities of government medicines prohibited from being sold have been confiscated from private clinics in Yei town.

He accused some senior health officials of stealing drugs from public hospitals to stock private chemists and clinics. Azariah revealed that the confiscated items will be burned to ashes saying the violators have been taxed and their shops have been closed.

The official urged the public to be careful and confirm expiry dates before buying goods from the market.