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BOR - 20 Sep 2019

Wildlife officials warn of poaching in greater Jonglei

Boma National Park © Jumia Travel
Boma National Park © Jumia Travel

Wildlife officials have warned communities in greater Jonglei State against poaching as floods destroy natural habitats in parts of the region.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Tuesday, the wildlife conservation and tourism director in the state, Zechariah Atem Manyok said locals are involved in poaching as wild animals flee due to the heavy rains.

“Wild animals like giraffes, buffaloes, gazelles and lions are moving in large numbers from their natural habitats in Boma and Lafon areas due to floods. In the last two weeks, they started arriving in Kolnyang, Anyidi and Makuach areas. Residents of those areas, however, resorted to killing them for food and sales,” he explained.

Atem said several wild animals are dying from water-related diseases.

 “Wildlife species are in danger. Each person kills at least two animals every day for food. They are dying of water and diseases. Wildlife is good for our survival and so I am asking the locals and those in uniforms to stop killing animals for food,” he added.

 The official appealed to aid agencies to intervene by assessing those displaced, treat the sick animals and fund awareness programs in order to help improve community-wildlife relationships.

The greater Jonglei area is home to various species of wildlife.