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WADAKONA - 4 Jun 2012

White Nile nomads worry about jailed leader

Arab nomads from southern White Nile are concerned about the safety of their leader arrested by authorities in South Sudan.

Sheikh Al Bir was arrested after traveling to Upper Nile about two months ago to seek the release of three White Nile nomads arrested by the authorities in Upper Nile. 

Radio Tamazuj learnt from a source among the nomads that the three men were driving a lorry carrying illegally imported fuel when they were arrested in a place called Mustakbal. They were taken through Wador to Wadakona.

‘Those who did this are officials of Wadakona’, said the source, referring to the capital of Manj County. He added that Sheikh Bir managed to find the traders and lorry near Wadakona but later discovered that the men were taken to Malakal prison. Sheikh Bir himself was later arrested too.

Photo by Radio Tamazuj: travellers crossing the Nile from Renk into Manj County whose capital is Wadakona.