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AL FULA - 25 Oct 2013

West Kordofan governor names cabinet

West Kordofan Governor Ahmed Khamis faces criticism from the northern part of the state after having named a new cabinet.

In a press conference in al-Fula town, about 26 ministerial positions as well as commissioners and advisors were announced by Major-General Khamis.

Dr. Abdurrahman Mohamed Mekki has been appointed deputy governor and health minister.

A large number of the Hamar tribe in an-Nahud town criticized the new state government reshuffle and expressed discontent about it.

“This government which has been named it is not the government people aspire to,” said a Hamar leader who preferred anonymity.

An-Nahud citizens had requested two-thirds of the ministerial positions in the new government as well as holding of the state parliament sittings alternately in al-Fula and an-Nahud.