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WAU - 12 Jan 2013

Wau commissioner tours controvertial areas

Elia Kamilo Dimo, the Wau County Commissioner, on Thursday paid a visit to rural parts of the county in preparation to officially transfer the county headquarters there from the state capital Wau.

Dimo visited the Farajallah, where a mass killing took place during the crisis last month. The area is about 20 miles from Baggari, the site of the new headquarters.

In an interview with Radio Tamazuj the commissioner said that the aim of his visit was to inspect the area in order to prepare the ground for settlement of the county headquarters.

The transfer of the headqartuers was a controvertial matter that prompted the riot in Wau in some weeks back and claimed many lives of innocent civilians.

Dimo confirmed the seriousness of his office to relocate the county, assuring that it is only a matter of time until everything will be in place, and added that the visit of the President of the Republic last December to Western Bahr al-Ghazal had put the controversy to a rest.

Dimo explained that many of the community members who were against the decision have apologed to the government and assured their acceptance to the policy of relocation of the county headquarters. He reiterated the government’s commitment to transfer the county to the new location at Baggari Payam.