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KOSTI - 23 Jun 2014

Water shortages in Kosti, White Nile

Residents in Kosti town, White Nile state, South Sudan are reporting shortages of water owing to dysfunctional supply networks in the area.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj yesterday, several citizens said they were experiencing an acute shortage of drinking water in various residential areas.

They accused the Urban Water Corporation (UWC) of collecting bills each month without providing services.  Residents of remote areas complained of soaring water prices.

“The price of two jerrycans of water rose from 1 SSP to 3 SSP, besides scarcity in getting drinking water in the town,” one resident explained.

The citizens called on the UWC to repair damaged water networks in order to provide drinking water in the town.

Photo: Collecting water at one of the tap stands delivered by the new water system Batil Refugee Camp Maban - C Medair Wendy van Ameronge