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KHARTOUM - 18 Apr 2013

‘Wad Ibrahim’ freed in Khartoum

Brigadier-General Mohammed Abdul-Jalil Ibrahim, popularly known as ‘Wad Ibrahim’, has been released after a presidential decree commuted his jail sentence  along with eight other army officers.

The officers were arrested last November in connection with the supposed ‘subversive attempt’ to overthrow the Sudanese president.

Ibrahim had been sentenced to up to five years in jail by a military tribunal. According to the decree, the officers are also no longer considered expelled from the army but rather discharged.

Speaking at a press conference at his home after his release, the brigadier-general thanked people who stood by him during his detention, extending his thanks also to the media and leaders of Sufi orders, Sudan Tribune reported.

Others implicated in the supposed plot have not been tried or released, including former security chief Salah Gosh.

Photo: ‘Wad Ibrahim’ is carried on supporter’s shoulders outside his home after being released along with six other military officers convicted and jailed over a coup attempt on April 17, 2013, in Khartoum (AFP)