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PARIANG - 26 Oct 2012

Unity security use strong hand in youth unrest

Security forces in Pariang County of Unity State have arrested 29 young men after they refused to attend the SPLM Youth League Conference. Reports from the county suggest that authorities are running after everybody who has refused to turn up for the event.

Chol Luk Makir, a claimant to the position of County Youth League Secretary, told Radio Tamazuj from Pariang that the County Commissioner has ordered the security forces to arrest anyone who refused the conference to take place.

“They detained us because of the formation of the Youth League in Pariang. We have differed over the process of the elections. Six Payams out of nine withdrew from the elections because it was not fair. Those of us who boycotted the elections where arrested and they are continuing arresting others,” said Chol Luk Makir.

He said the commissioner called for the arrest of the 29 youth after 6 out of 9 payams in the country opposed the convening of the conference saying that it was illegal after some members objected to it and passed a vote of no confidence against the Secretary of the Youth.

But the authorities refused to listen to the objection as they continued with the arrest compaign. Makir said he doubted whether the elections which has been boycotted by the youth will be free and fair.