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JUBA - 20 Oct 2019

Unity govt must be formed as planned -UN's powerful body

Photo: Members of the UN Security Council arrive in Juba on 20 October, 2019.
Photo: Members of the UN Security Council arrive in Juba on 20 October, 2019.

The United Nations Security Council insists the South Sudan parties should form a unity government by 12 November with no delay.

The declaration came after a meeting between a delegation of members of the United Nations Security Council and parties to the peace agreement in Juba this afternoon.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, South African Ambassador to the United Nations Jerry Mathews Matjila said:”There are minimum conditions for the parties to move into November 12”.

The South African diplomat said the United Nations Security Council and the region will support the peace process in the world’s youngest nation.

Mathews stressed that there should be no more extensions. “The remaining issues of the number of states, the boundaries and other things can be discussed by an inclusive South Sudanese government,” he said.

“If any leader needs security, we will give security. The United Nations can provide security, so the major question was security. The government says we are committed, any number of people for protection is available,” he added.

Mathews pointed out that the international community doesn’t see good reasons to delay the formation of the transitional government in South Sudan.” We don’t anticipate that the remaining problems are so huge to not able South Sudan to move to November 12,” he said.

 The UN Securtiy Council delegation urged South Sudan leaders to make durable peace by implementing the revitalised peace deal.

Meanwhile, US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft said South Sudan leaders should form a transitional government by November 12.

The US diplomat also called on the parties to the peace agreement to start making progress on the number of states and security arrangements.

Craft pointed out that the UN Security Council delegation was encouraged by President Kiir’s recommitment to the peace agreement. “We are disappointed by a statement from Dr. Riek Machar that the ceasefire would be in jeopardy when the unity government is formed by November 12,” she said.

Craft stressed that the United Nations Securtiy Council supports the formation of the unity government as originally planned.

The statement made by the UN's most powerful body came amid global pressure as a deadline looms on November 12 for President Salva Kiir, prominent opposition leader Riek Machar and other opposition groups, to form a unity government.