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ABYEI - 19 Feb 2018

UNISFA bows to local pressure, fires engineering department head

Photo: Abyei map (retrieved from Google Maps)
Photo: Abyei map (retrieved from Google Maps)

The Ngok Dinka paramount chief in the disputed Abyei region says the head of UNISFA Engineering Department was fired on Thursday after locals staged a peaceful march demanding his removal.

Bolabak Kuol Deng told Radio Tamazuj that Leith Hadad was accused of employing foreigners to do casual work, a job the locals say should be given them.

Last week, the people of Abyei staged a peaceful march in front of the headquarters of UNISFA.

Chief Kuol added that Haddad who had been working in the area for the last ten years did not provide job opportunities for the locals. “This is why the local communities demanded his removal,” Koul said.

Bagad Makony Abiem, one of the the Ngok Dinka chiefs, earlier told Radio Tamazuj that UNISFA’s engineering department employed more than 60 workers from Sudan in jobs meant for Abyei residents.