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JUBA - 26 Aug 2018

UN humanitarian coordinator calls for safe humanitarian access


The UN Humanitarian Coordinator, Alain Noudéhou, visited Wau with a high-level United Nations delegation on Thursday, and urgently called for unhindered and safe humanitarian access for aid organisations to reach people who are in desperate need.
Mr Noudéhou’s visit was shortly after access to Greater Baggari was allowed again following three months of consistent denials. Renewed fighting in the Baggari area since mid-June has forced an estimated 28,000 people to flee their homes.

“The conflict in Greater Baggari had come during the planting season and many people are unable to reach their fields and plant for the next harvest season. “This means that the fighting now has far greater repercussions as it will also have a negative impact on the next harvest,” Mr Noudéhou said.

“It is vital that all guns fall silent and stability and reconciliation are allowed to take hold in South Sudan,” he added.