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TWIC EAST COUNTY - 18 Apr 2013

Two killed in Warrap state cattle raid

At least two people were reportedly killed on Tuesday in Warrap state’s Twic East county after clashes broke out between cattle raiders and their owners.

Marko Hoc, the commissioner of Twic East county, told Radio Tamazuj that an armed group came from Mayom County in Unity state and, after fighting with their owners, stole 59 cattle.

“I have a payam which is called Amel Agok which some criminals from Mayom county have attacked and raided about 59 head of cattle. People ran after them until these cattle were recaptured back but they killed two people from our area. The criminals came from Mayom county, but we are not saying that they have been sent by their county authorities but we considered them as criminals who hung around in the bush raiding people. We can’t blame their county administration,” the commissioner stated.

The raiders escaped the area in spite of being pursued by the owners.  Two men named Madud Kuot and Achol Machol Akech were killed in the ensuing clashes.

The incident was not of the first kind in the region, as inter-tribal fighting between communities in Warrap, Lakes and Unity states is not uncommon.

However, the prevalence and scale of such attacks has decreased since inter-tribal peace conferences began.  While incidents like this one do still occur, it was reported that in the past, thousands of cattle could be stolen in one attack, leaving dozens dead.