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TORIT - 20 May 2022

Torit: Teachers conclude alternative learning program training

Some of the teachers attending the training in Torit. (Radio Tamazuj photo)
Some of the teachers attending the training in Torit. (Radio Tamazuj photo)

An alternative learning program training for teachers in Torit Town of Eastern Equatoria State has concluded with calls to combat illiteracy in the area.

The training, which ended on Tuesday, was organized by Bangladesh Rural & Advancement Committee or BRAC, a Non-Governmental Organization. The training started two weeks ago.

It brought about 30 teachers from 9 BRAC funded educational institutions in the state.

The training aims at equipping teachers with skills on how to handle adult learners in the school.

Dominic Thomas, one of the beneficiaries, told Radio Tamazuj that the training has prepared them to solve the learning and other local educational concerns in the state.

“They have given us advice so that we go to the villages so that we go and teach our children. We also put ourselves because of our children and we cannot go and bring somebody from outside to come and help our people who are in the villages”, Thomas said.

BRAC Program Officer Mrs Kaltuma Vanesa urged the teachers to be vigilant and show compassion in the profession for the success of those they mentor.

 “As a teacher you have to be patient, be vigilant and love what you are going to do, if today you are here and you have never dreamt of being a teacher in your life, you have just woken up and you are here,” Kaltuma said.

“We need money that’s the first attraction but when you reach there, to keep that Job you need to love what you are doing,” she advised.

For his part, Torit County Education Director Mr Clement Loboi called on school administrations in the area to preserve and respect the welfare of learners there.

His comments come after reports of misconduct by teachers against learners in the state.

“The headteachers should really take precaution that’s all, volunteers or the assistant teachers who are around should always be very kind enough to consider or to observe the teachers' code of conduct,” Loboi said.

“We have our girls there who are very vulnerable and sometimes these volunteers have some interest on these young children which is forbidden,” Loboi warned.

The director for Quality Assurance at the state Ministry of Education Eastern Equatoria Ustaz Lokulang Lokudu Faustino appealed to tutors to collaborate and share some of the challenges among themselves for a better outcome.

“I need all of us to come together and communicate so that you can able to share all your problems or challenges you are facing, when you are in the class with your friends share with the team that you and also share with your facilitators so that you people can be able to gain the little that you have forgotten,” he said.