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TORIT - 30 Aug 2018

Torit authorities arrest traders in possession of plastic bags during inspection

Torit town municipal council on Tuesday arrested more than 40 traders found in possession of plastic bags, following last week’s plastic ban and order to dispose-off the bags.

Deputy Mayor Dominic Safari while addressing 43 arrested traders said the ban is meant to protect the environment, adding that such inspections will continue.

“And this inspection is not going to end today. If you get one cavera (plastic bag) from somebody, the order is there. This is a law, it is very clear, it is written here. Either to pay fine or serve one month in prison,” he said.

Safari reiterated that it is the government’s responsibility to enforce the laws passed for protection and preservation of the environment.

He said those arrested in possession of plastic bags will be fined an amount of 10,000 SSP each or serve a month in prison if unable to pay the fine within one day.

The chairperson of Torit Chamber of Commerce Lily Hidita Nartisio said the fine will act as a lesson to the traders, despite pleas by the traders arrested to increase number of days to pay the fines.

“For you as traders this is a lesson. Things can happen; this order is just something which can make you understand. Yes, it will be painful when you are going to pay your money but it is good for you to remind you not to ignore what you have been told,” she stressed.