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TONJ - 25 Jan 2018

Tonj residents urged to get HIV/AIDS test

Health authorities in Tonj State have urged citizens to get tested for HIV/AIDs in a quest to curb the spread of the disease.

Michael Yai, Tonj Civil hospital HIV/AIDS expert, said knowledge of one’s status is important for prevention and treatment purposes.

“Come to the hospital and be tested so that you know your HIV status, because if you know your HIV status you will understand the prevention. If you don’t know about yourself and you talk about prevention you can’t achieve because you don’t know yourself. Come and be tested for HIV,” he added.

Yai declined to disclose the number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Tonj, saying it would scare people from testing, also advised people to avoid the use of sharp objects.

“Also avoid sharp objects like razor blade you don’t cut yourself with all razor blade because accidentally you will injured yourself and you don’t know what razor blade was used for,” Yai said.