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AYOD COUNTY - 21 Feb 2024

Thousands of livestock succumbing to ‘unknown disease’ in Ayod County

A herd of cattle in Jonglei State. (File photo)
A herd of cattle in Jonglei State. (File photo)

Local authorities in Ayod County in Jonglei State are reporting that huge numbers of cattle are dying in parts of the county, with thousands having succumbed to an unknown disease since the beginning of the year.

The county livestock and animal production director, Paul Ruot Duer, told Radio Tamazuj Wednesday that the situation is dire and appealed for intervention.

He pointed out that affected animals present with many clinical manifestations varying from limping to appetite loss before they die.

“In Pajiek, we lost 1,500 cattle, 1500 more in Wau, 1,000 Paguong, and over 3,000 others in Ayod North. This staggering statistic is from January,” he explained. “Animals get this problem while being grazed because part of our area is flooded. They develop running noses, swelling in the foot, and loss of appetite before dying.”

Ruot added: “We are appealing to all partners in the state and the country as a whole to assess this problem and provide vaccination to our animals because the situation may worsen as rains are approaching.”

Ayod County Commissioner James Chuol Jiek said the trend is worrying and may deteriorate the already dire humanitarian situation.    

“We rely on livestock for our food. Now there is this disease killing our animals,” he stated. “We need doctors to investigate the problem and find a solution. Animals have been dying in thousands since January.”