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BENTIU - 24 Dec 2012

Terrible health services in Unity’s northern counties

Residents of the border counties of Unity State are complaining of a deterioration in health services.

A number of citizens from Rubkona, Abiemnhom and Mayom Counties urged the authorities concerned to assist them, as they are suffering from a severe shortage of health facilities and medical centers in their areas, in addition to a total lack of these services in rural areas. This has forced people to resort to traditional medical treatments.

Pregnant women also face difficulties as they have no access to medical care, unless they travel to Bentiu Civil Hospital.

Mr. Chankol Panak, the Unity State Minister of Health, confirmed that these counties are facing deteriorating health conditions.

He attributed these conditions to the weakness of health professionals and the lack of medical services in health centers, and to the poor condition of roads linking Bentiu with the rest of Unity State.

File photo: A health center in Pariang, northern Unity State (Radio Tamazuj)