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AWEIL - 11 Jan 2021

Teachers resume teaching in Aweil West, North Counties

Primary and secondary school teachers in Northern Bahr el Ghazal’s Aweil North and West Counties resumed work early this month, after going on strike last month.

The state government arrested about 15 teachers from both counties in November last year after they protested the government's decision to review their work and recruitment procedures with the aim of either demoting or firing them.

Politicians, community members, and other teachers in the state sharply criticized the government decision which seemed to target the two counties and called for comprehensive review across the state.

According to local authorities, the decision was revoked, teachers released and teaching resumed in the two counties this month.

“Yes, we have resumed since we were released. That time we were in Aweil and primary eight candidates were disappointed and we talked with teachers to resume work and teaching is going on now,’’ said James Ruon Rac one of the teachers who was in detention. He also said their grievances were addressed.

William Deng Mou, the Executive Director of Aweil North county confirmed that teachers have also resumed their work. “The teaching is ongoing now especially for primary 8 candidates who are going to sit for exams. That issue has been already finalized by the state governor."

Teachers in Aweil West county have also resumed teaching.

“The teachers are working now, they have all reported back to work and their issues were already addressed. The minor differences between the teachers and the administration has been resolved. There are never more problems," Aweil West County Executive Director John Garang Aguot confirmed.

The Director-General in the ministry of education & instruction in the government of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State Ceaser Atem Biajo confirmed that the order was revoked.