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WAU - 31 May 2013

Teachers in Wau against abolishing Arabic lessons

Arabic-speaking teachers in schools of Wau, Western Bahr El Ghazal, complained about the state education ministry’s ultimatum abolishing lessons in Arabic in primary one and two.

More than eight secondary schools in Wau, which have been delivering lessons in Arabic despite the national policy of shifting to English, have been asked to stop giving lesson in Arabic Language.

Yesterday, the state Ministry of education announced to all secondary schools that teachers should start giving lessons in English and that Arabic lesson should be taught in senior only.

Teachers said they would face many challenges since they are not fluent in English. Sabri Adam, who teaches in Muktar Girls Secondary Wau, said his school has been given the topics which are to be covered, but no textbooks.

He complained that it will be very difficult to teach in a language the students do not understand.

Teacher Marko Madut welcomed the new initiative of the ministry but said teachers received the syllabus which only gives references on lessons to be covered but it will be difficult getting the sources since there are no libraries in Wau.

Akeng Alex Akok said teachers were committed to implement the government policy and he would put much effort in order to bring up the students he teaches.

The secondary schools affected by the English language policy include Wau Girls, Mbili Girls, Muktar, Mustafa, South Sudan Independents, Girinti and Abyei.

Report by Sudan Catholic Radio Network

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