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Sudanese military air strike kills entire family in East Darfur

A Sudanese Air Force aircraft dropped 6 explosive barrels on El Daein town in East Darfur State killing 9 people and wounding 4 others on Tuesday night.

The wounded are receiving treatment at El Daein Hospital.

The medical director at the hospital, Dr. Jabir Al-Dodo Al-Nadif, confirmed to Radio Tamazuj that 9 people were killed in the air strike, including a family of four, a father, his wife, and their two children.

“The wounded who arrived at the hospital numbered four, some of whom needed amputation,” he said.

An eyewitness, Mohammed Saleh Farah, said that he heard the sound of a plane at midnight before it dropped three barrels, which resulted in the killing of two South Sudanese refugees and three citizens working as guards in the barns selling firewood north of the railway.

Another eyewitness, Al-Taj Hussein Hassan, said that the aircraft bombed the Al-Tadamon neighborhood and killed a family while they slept.

“The family that perished was displaced from the Gereida area in South Darfur to the city of Al-Daein. Another child was killed in the same neighborhood,” he said. “The aircraft also destroyed five homes in the Tadamon and Al-Sikka neighborhoods, along with barns for selling firewood.

Several domestic animals were killed during the airstrike.