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DEBI - 11 Jan 2013

Sudanese airplane bombs Debi killing one

An airplane bombed Debi village in south-central Sudan on Wednesday killing one man and destroying several homes. The bombing was part of the armed forces’ air campaign in the Nuba Mountains.

The bombing also seriously wounded a woman in the leg and killed more than ten animals.

Kuku Ibrahim, executive director of Debi Administrative Unit in Heiban Locality said that the aerial attack on 9 January killed the citizen Yuda Abdu Jadia, age 55.

He explained that three bombs landed north of the market, three landed among a herd of cattle, and another landed on a home.

The bombing happened on a market day when crowds had gathered in the town. The attack sparked fear among the citizens causing them to flee to the hills.

Kuku said the airplane circled the town three times, dropping three bombs the first run, and two on each of the subsequent. But according to a correspondent at the scene, eight rather than seven bombs were later found.

The most seriously wounded woman has been taken to Lwere hospital.

An earlier recent bombing in the area in Eyre killed five people from a single family, according to the same local official. That happened Tuesday evening at about 6:30.

Photo by Radio Tamazuj: A woman at the site of the bombing in Dabi, Heiban Locality, about 25 km west of Kauda in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, 9 January 2013.

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