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Sudan: Tribal clashes kill more than 100

Fighting between two Arab nomadic tribes in western Sudan has left more than 100 people dead. The major clashes in central Darfur continued for several days.

The fighting between the Salamat and Misseriya tribes erupted on Thursday in Um Dukhun locality, Central Darfur, and continued until Saturday.

Dozens of shops were looted in the chaos of fighting in Mukjar town on Friday. Army troops were called on to drive the warring factions from the town and its outskirts.

On Saturday the fighting shifted to an area called Muradaf, about 8km north of Um Dukhun town. Multiple sources reported that at about 10 a.m. the Misseriya attacked the area, the most important stronghold of the Salamat in the region.

In the ensuing battle, at least 130 people from both sides were killed and wounded. Large numbers of citizens fled from Muradaf, in particular the village of Kobar, while others sought refuge in Chad.

Central Darfur State Governor Jaafar Abdel Hakam Ishag confirmed that large clashes took place between the Misseriya and Salamat on Saturday but he could not say the number of dead because “the counting has not been completed.”

Last week the governor announced that a joint security force consisting of military and civil security elements would try to intervene to separate the two fighting tribes. He also explained that a committee of traditional and religious leaders would contact the warring sides to try to contain the situation.

Reporting by Radio Dabanga

File photo: Central Darfur Governor, Jaafar Abdel Hakam Ishag