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ATBARA - 9 Jan 2019

Sudan's Bashir hints at possibility of stepping down for military

Photo: Omar al-Bashir
Photo: Omar al-Bashir

Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir on Tuesday hinted at the possibility of stepping aside for the military to seize power, as protests against his rule continue in Khartoum and other cities.

Last week, 22 Sudanese opposition political parties demanded that President Omar Bashir transfer power to a transitional government that would set a date for elections. Also, they called on the Sudanese army to protect the protests.

Addressing a military gathering in River Nile State, al-Bashir said:” They say what? They say the military must take over power. There is no problem, if someone wearing military uniforms takes over power, honestly, I have no objection.”

He further said the Sudanese army is capable of defending the nation.” When the army starts to move, it doesn’t move in support of the agents. It moves in support of the nation, “he said.

The 74-year-old leader, who has been in power for almost 30 years, said he made achievements in the military institution since he seized power in1989.

Bashir accused foreign trends of conspiring against Sudan and seeking to destabilize his country.

Angry citizens have taken to the streets in the capital Khartoum and other cities since 19 December after a government decision to raise prices of bread.

Last month, the military pledged to stand by President Omar Bashir. The Sudanese leader was an army Brigadier-General when he joined forces with Islamists to seize power in a 1989 military coup.