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KADUGLI - 24 Dec 2012

Sudan: Prisoners allegedly tortured to death

A number of detainees recently released from the 'Band 14' military prison and security forces’ detention facility in Kadugli, South Kordofan, have revealed the death of several detainees as a result of torture and beatings they have been exposed to during their three months’ detention.

One of the recently released detainees told Radio Dabanga on Sunday that security agents beat and tortured prisoners and explained that they had been subjected to various forms of beatings and torture.

He claimed that ‘many’ detainees have died as a result of torture, hunger and diseases and that dozens are still in detention in Kadugli on charges of either cooperating with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement or affiliation with the Justice and Equality Movement.

It was added that upon release of some of the detainees last week, at least 82 people were still in detention in the ‘Band 14’ military prison.

Recently, the National Intelligence and Security Services carried out a campaign of mass arrests in the cities of Kadugli, Dilling and Abu Jebiha.

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