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KHARTOUM - 1 Aug 2018

Sudan govt urged to intervene to ensure Peter Biar’s release in Juba

Photo: Peter Biar Ajak
Photo: Peter Biar Ajak

The leader of the People’s Liberal Party (PLP) Peter Mayen Majongdit has urged Sudanese mediators to intervene immediately for the release of Peter Biar Ajak.

Biar, a political commentator and prominent activist, was arrested on July 28 by national security officials at Juba Airport while preparing to fly to Aweil today morning.

The PLP leader, who is also representing the other political parts at the ongoing peace talks in Khartoum, threated not to sign the agreement on 5 August if Peter Biar is not released.

“We appeal to Sudan government and the mediators to intervene for the release of Biar because he is an activist and his arrest in Juba is politically motivated,” Majongdit said.

He pointed out that the arrest of Peter Biar will not create a conducive environment for peace in the country.

“Such acts by government hardliners can obstruct peace, so we as members of the other political parties at the talks, we call for the release of the activist before 5 August for us to sign the peace agreement in a conducive atmosphere,” he said.

“We urge the Sudanese mediation team to consult with the government in South Sudan to ensure that the activist is released,” he concluded.