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KHARTOUM - 27 Dec 2018

Sudan government: 19 killed in bread price protests

At least 19 civilians, including two members of the security forces have been killed in protests over rising food prices, the Sudanese government said Thursday.

Sudanese authorities had previously said that eight people have been killed in clashes in since the protests began on 19 December.

Speaking at a press conference in Khartoum, government spokesman Boshara Juma Aror said clashes between anti-riot police and protesters have killed 19 people.

He added 219 civilians were wounded in the protests.

Aror, who is also the minister of information, claimed that the government has arrested several people for collaborating with rebel groups to carry out acts of violence and sabotage in the country.

The Sudanese Journalists' Network said its members have started a strike in solidarity with protesters.

In a statement Thursday, the independent body said the three-day strike is also a protest against censorship of news outlets by authorities.

Sudanese doctors have already been on a strike since Monday.