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EL OBEID - 4 Apr 2014

Sudan: Arrested student to appear before military court

The university student who was arrested by the Sudanese security service several months ago in Shamshaga area in Sudan’s South Kordofan State will appear before a military court on 8 April in El Obeid town in North Kordofan.

Saeed Mohamed Al Awad, a second year student of economics and social studies at the University of Khartoum is accused along with other suspects of spying for the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Thursday, the lawyer Bilal Hassan stated the sitting was scheduled to take place on 8 April.

He noted also Saeed Mohamed is suffering badly from hepatitis disease inside military custody while the concerned authorities are refusing to take him to the hospital for treatment.

The authorities are still delaying to release Saeed for medical attention although the defence team has assured that it will pay medical examinations and escort expenses, according to the Hassan.

The lawyer pointed out that the trial of a civilian before a military court is unprecedented, saying it “turns the laws upside down.”

Family members of the suspect previously told Radio Tamazuj that their son is innocent of all the charges levelled against him by the security.