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Sudan air force bombs in South Sudan county

The Sudanese air force sent warplanes into Pariang County of Unity State in South Sudan today, dropping bombs on unknown targets.

According to local sources in Pariang County, an Antonov bomber and four MiG jets were seen over Panyang area in Pariang County on Monday, between about 9:00 a.m. until noon.

They dropped at least ten bombs, destroying one care, and causing civilians to flee from Panyang to Pariang.

In the wake of the bombings there was widespread fear among residents of Pariang County including the roughly 70,000 refugees living at Yida camp.

The bombings follow a visit to Khartoum by the South Sudanese president, during which security issues were discussed with his counterpart, Omar al Bashir. The two have agreed to cooperate on security issues as well as implement terms of the 2012 Addis Ababa accords.

It is not clear whom the bombers were targeting, though it is known that Sudanese rebel groups JEM and SPLA-N have both had a presence in the county.

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