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YIDA - 28 Dec 2012

Stars defeat Black Hawk in Yida wrestling

The Stars of the Mountains wrestling squad defeated Black Hawk 11 to 9 as part of Christmas festivities at the block nine playing field in Yida refugee camp.

The competition was the strongest yet between the two teams, with the Stars making a particularly fierce showing out of eagerness to avenge their loss earlier this month.  

Among the best wrestlers were al-Jelli Osman and Nimr al-Goz for Black Hawk and Bagir Karaj and Dagang for the Stars, while the wrestler Galb Tasamum was injured.

The Black Hawk team was supported by many fans in spite of their loss, the most diehard fans being women who were ululating during the bout. The match was refereed by Mohammed Tutu assisted by other referees.

Photo: Wrestlers dance ahead of the Christmas day match between Black Hawk and Stars of the Mountain.