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KUERGENG - 4 Dec 2018

SPLA-IO blames government for unity clashes

SPLA-IO’s deputy chief of staff for administration Gen. James Koang Chuol has blamed government troops for the clashes that erupted in Unity region this morning.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj Tuesday, Koang said the government attacked their forces at Bil area in Kuergeng County this morning.

“Bil area has been under our control since 2017. We call upon CTSAMM to investigate the incident. Our people should not die again since there is peace in the country,” he said.

The top opposition general further said the attack resulted in the killing of two SPLA-IO soldiers and injuries of four others.

For his part, Northern Liech’s Minister of Information Lam Tungwar confirmed the clashes. He said,” According to reports, the clashes erupted when a group of criminals came and attacked Bil area, but we are still investigating the incident.”

Army spokesman Lul Ruai Koang accused SPLA-IO forces in Kuergeng of advancing on their defensive positions. He blamed the SPLA-IO commander in the area for the reported clashes.

“The issue of cantonment sites needs to be coordinated by the two sides, so it cannot be done randomly,” he said.


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