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WAU - 24 Dec 2012

SPLA arrests two in probe of Wau killings

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) has arrested a number of police officers who are suspected of being responsible for the recent killing of ten civilians in Wau,

The SPLA’s spokesperson, Colonel Philip Aguer Panyang, revealed to the press on Saturday that the two police personnel wore SPLA uniforms when they committed the crimes.

Aguer stated that the two police officers were named Mohamed Ahmed and Gabriel Omdurman. The two removed their police uniforms, putting on SPLA uniforms instead, and shot protestors indiscriminately.

SPLA Infantry Division Five commander Major General Chol Thon criticized those wanting to damage the name of the SPLA.

“I wondered why the two police officers chose to put on SPLA uniforms in order to shoot their own people using the SPLA name,” he said.

Major General Chol said that Mohamed Ahmed shot three people, while Gabriel Omdurman has shot dead six civilians.

Major General Chol explained that SPLA forces were not involved in the Wau incident as they were in their barracks, adding that it was the police who controlled the whole situation.

Report by Sudan Catholic Radio Network.

File photo: A prison in South Sudan (Radio Tamazuj).

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