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RADIO TAMAZUJ - 5 Dec 2014

South Sudanese chief negotiator paid ‘allowance’ of $2000 per day

One of South Sudan’s warring parties has been paying its chief negotiator an allowance of $2000 per day for each day spent at the peace talks in Addis Ababa, in addition to a regular salary, Radio Tamazuj reports exclusively.

Multiple sources say that chief negotiator Nhial Deng Nhial has been paid $2000 per day during the days that he spent in Addis Ababa negotiating on behalf of the SPLM-Juba faction, which controls the South Sudanese cabinet and presidency.

This amount comes on top of expenses paid by the IGAD mediation and in addition to the salary that he already receives as a member of the national parliament.

At the current black market dollar rate of 5.65-5.70 this daily allowance would be the equivalent of 11300 to 11400 South Sudanese pounds, while at the bank rate of 3.1 it would be the equivalent of 6200 pounds per day.

This means that in a 10 day period, for example, Nhial Deng collects $20000. Another 14 members of the delegation have been allocated an allowance of $1000 per day while six members were given $700 per day and one member $800 per day.

The total cost to the treasury for the 22-member delegation is $21000 per day.

Talks have been ongoing since January, but they have been adjourned several times. It is unclear for how many total days the negotiators have collected this allowance.

However, multiple high-level sources confirmed the amounts as indicated. One source loyal to the SPLM-Juba faction said the money is meant to cover expenses not covered by the IGAD mediation, which he said pays only the cost of air tickets, accommodation and limited feeding.

Another source suggested that the funds were partly for “sideline meetings and engagements.” None of the sources were able to explain why the chief negotiator’s allowance was so much higher than that of the other negotiators.

As of November 2014, the negotiators who were given $1000 per day were: Michael Makuei, Bashir Gbandi, Ben Francis Ataba, Matur Dhurai Yoor, Gabriel Goor, Erjok Bullen, Joseph Ukel, Awut Deng, Martin Majut, Samson Mabior, James Kok, Beatrice Aber, Thomas Duoth and Mary Nyaulang

Cosmas Wolson Wani was paid $800 per day. Charles Oyet, Yai Joseph, David Kwaje, Adam Adupa, Joseph Malek and Michael Aluong were paid $700 per day.

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