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JUBA - 22 Oct 2020

South Sudan unveils SSG number plates for state vehicles

Director-General of Traffic Police Department, Maj. Gen Kon John Akot (PhotoEye Radio)
Director-General of Traffic Police Department, Maj. Gen Kon John Akot (PhotoEye Radio)

The South Sudan National Police Service has announced the introduction of new number plates for all government vehicles following a cabinet resolution. 

According to the directorate of traffic police, the country has launched a new government code SSG series replacing the GOSS series. It has also requested all government institutions to take government vehicles to the traffic police headquarters for the changes to be effected within one month from this week. 

“Based on our new plan, the government should use SSG, not GOSS because the GOSS number plate was used by the government before South Sudan gained her independence,” Major General Kon John Akot, the Director-General for Traffic Police department told Radio Tamazuj on Thursday.

The Director for Database in the Directorate of Traffic Police Major General Latjor Peter Lam said the changes were part of resolutions passed by the council of ministers since 2016.

“The council of ministers has renewed the resolutions several times under the request from the Inspector General of Police. The director-general has activated the resolutions. Now, the activation is said to take place within the period of one month,” Lam said.

“The government number plate from the national government should be SSG, and under it, there will be three digits number plate, then the serial number (AZ). States government number plates should be the state name with plate number, for example, CEG, WBG, LSG, etc, and that is how it should be,” he added.

The senior traffic police official said each state should issue their number plates separately and establish a central database for easy monitoring from the national headquarters.