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JUBA - 10 Jan 2019

South Sudan begins registration of foreigners in Juba

South Sudan’s immigration authorities on Wednesday launched a campaign to register and screen all foreign nationals living and working in the capital, Juba.

Over the weekend, the country’s interior ministry announced that all foreigners in the country have three months for registration and work permit verification.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday at Custom registration center in Juba, the deputy director of the campaign Major Elia Kumundan noted that some foreigners residing in the country lack proper documentation.  

He further revealed that some nationals from neighboring countries residing in South Sudan crossed the borders without any documentation.

While appealing to all foreigners to come out and register, Kumundan stressed that a crackdown on foreigners who will not have applied for legal status will be launched after the screening and registration exercise.

Other registration centers in Juba include Juba town, Konyokonyo, Jebel Market, Kubri Haboba and Gumbo.

According to the interior ministry, the exercise will be rolled out across the country.