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TORIT - 4 Feb 2019

South Sudan and Uganda form joint technical border committee: Official

The governments of South Sudan and Uganda have formed a joint technical border committee to resolve border tensions between the neighboring countries by demarcating borders.

The committee made up of 26 members was formed after a cross-border meeting in mid-January held in Uganda’s northern district of Lamwo.

Torit State governor Tobiolo Alberio Oromo while addressing the press upon his arrival from the meeting said the committee is tasked to demarcate the border between Uganda and South Sudan.

“The joint technical border committee was formed from South Sudan we are 13 members and from Uganda, there are also 13 members making a number of 26. The terms of reference were to sensitize the people living along the border so that they know that the committee has been formed to demarcate the border,” he said.

He noted that the committee is also tasked to acquire necessary equipment for demarcation including colonial maps.

“They will get all necessary equipment including the map of 1956 when Sudan was given its independence and Uganda will also acquire their maps and then other gadgets will also be used as GPS and the rest of recommended equipment,”  Alberio added.

Governor Alberio revealed that funding is the main challenge facing the committee saying the work to demarcate the border would have been completed.

He hailed the African Union Border Programme for training the committee members promising that they are ready to carry out their mandate once funds are availed.

The meeting follows accusations from both countries accusing the other of encroaching into their territories creating tensions among the border communities.