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ABU JABIHA - 6 Jun 2013

South Kordofan reinforces 270km border with South Sudan

The Abu Jabiha County Commissioner, Police Brigadier Mohammed Al Fadil Wanis, has said in a press statement that the recent events in the State have caused the County to be on standby in order to secure the region.

“The County is in a state of high alert at all levels of the local community, especially the ‘Mujahideen’ group who have completed their preparations, as have local native formations, in order to defend the local communities, their properties and their economic interests,” Brig Wanis said.

He pointed out that the vast 270km border with South Sudan could easily be penetrated by armed rebel groups unless it is properly secured and protected.

Brig Wanis gave assurances about the stability of the security situation in the County, pointing out that this state of alert is necessitated by the circumstances which the region is experiencing. He stated the ability of Sudan Armed Forces, as well as the other organised regular forces, to repel any aggressive attacks by rebels.