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HABILA - 5 Jun 2013

South Kordofan population bemoan poor security

Residents of the Habila locality in South Kordofan are unhappy about the deterioration of security in the area. They attribute the situation to “Arab tribes”, who are blamed for repeated robberies and raids.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj, citizens of Rujul in Habila noted the sharp rise of cattle rustling. They say authorities “are not bothered about these issues as perpetrators are not persued”. Citizens also ruled out asking local administrators for help saying they have “limited powers”.

“The security situation has deteriorated by 80 per cent or even more. There is evidence of the increased rate of cattle rustling these days,” a citizen noted, “in fact, there are government bodies present in Kurmuk town, but the problem is that they don’t respond on time when an incident occurs to apprehend the offenders.”

“The government has not done anything in previous cases. People accuse the Arab tribes of being behind the cattle rustling and over the last two weeks about 50 or 60 head of cattle were stolen ... these incidents occur every month, so the area is suffering a lot,” the citizen stated.

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