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South Kordofan - 23 May 2012

South Kordofan authorities worried about potential food gap

Authorities in South Kordofan have demanded that the government in Khartoum provides enough food to meet the demands of the state’s population and avoid the food gap expected because of conflict in the area.

They call on the central government to work to secure agricultural projects during the next two phases of planting and harvesting to avoid the grim possibility of a humanitarian crisis approaching in autumn, if there is no intervention from the state.

A spokesperson for food security and agriculture in the local authority said he expected the isolation of many areas to further impact the food problem, as access is not easily available to reach residents because of the lack of infrastructure and poor roads.

He said last year’s agricultural season failed because of war and people could not provide for themselves.

He called for assistance with fuel, seeds and machinery to help farmers cultivate for the coming season.