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SOUTH DARFUR - 25 Oct 2023

South Darfur: Activist urges dialogue after Salamat, Beni Halba clashes kill 13

A Sudanese activist calls on the native administration to intervene and stop the ongoing fighting between the Salamat and Beni Halba tribes in Sudan's South Darfur State.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Monday, Activist Badr al-Din Mohammed Saleh appealed to the members of the Beni Halba and Salamat tribes and the native administration to end the conflict and make peace.

"They must stop this meaningless war, they should preserve unity and social fabric, fight hate speech and reach comprehensive peace as soon as possible," Badr al-Din stressed.

Monday saw the death of at least 13 people in South Darfur due to renewed communal fighting between the Salamat and Beni Helba tribes, further worsening the security situation in the area. In August, similar communal conflicts between the Habaniya and Beni Halba tribes resulted in at least 100 casualties, scores of injuries, and displacements.

The underlying problem stems from land ownership, commercial interests, and livestock disputes in Edd al-Fursan and Kabam localities.

The Salamat and Beni Halba are both Arab tribes in the Darfur region. The conflict between these two groups has deep historical roots, with disputes over land and resources dating back many years.

One of the primary drivers of the conflict is competition for resources, particularly land and water sources, which are essential for agriculture and livestock. Both tribes rely on these resources for their livelihoods, and competition has intensified as population growth and environmental changes put pressure on available resources.