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KHARTOUM - 29 Jul 2018

Skeptical opposition groups urged to accept peace with Kiir

South Sudan’s National Alliance of Political Parties urged all opposition groups skeptical of a peace deal with the Kiir administration to accept peace to end the ongoing conflict.

SPLM Former Detainees and South Sudan Opposition Alliance except Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak’s rebel group declined to initial the proposed power sharing agreement, saying some pending issues needed more work.

“All opposition groups have to accept to sign the agreement. Your concerns cannot be addressed when you are outside, so people should go back to South Sudan so that we discuss those issues,”Kornelio Kon Ngu, head of the national alliance group, said in a statement to Radio Tamazuj on  Sunday.

The politician, who is part of the unity government in Juba, said that the general mood of the South Sudanese people and the region is all for peace and stability and against the ongoing conflict.

“We should return to our country to discuss our issues. I expect the remaining groups to sign the agreement before 5 August. If Salva is the problem, we should go to him in Juba so that we solve our problems,” he said.

Kon pointed out that his group had signed the proposed peace deal despite concerns. “We signed the agreement and accepted the only one ministry allocated to us. We accepted it because we need peace,  not ministries,” he said.