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DILLINJ - 5 Mar 2013

Security measures causing price hikes: Dillinj traders

Traders in Dillinj Locality are increasingly outraged by measures taken by local security authorities, describing them as the main factor in rising commodity prices in the region. The town is on the main road between Khartoum and Kadugli, the capital of South Kordofan.

A source in the South Kordofan town who wished to remain anonymous told Radio Tamazuj that no goods are allowed to move out of the Dillinj area without a permit letter from the security authorities.

The control measures reflect the concern of government agencies to prevent smuggling from the garrison towns into the rebels’ mountainous strongholds. “The government authorities are the ones to determine the quantity and types of goods that they want to allow to be transited to the neighbouring regions or to the other rural areas of Dillinj,” said the source.

Permits may be required from both the security service and military intelligence, and are issued for fees costing the traders ‘a huge amount.’ Irregular taxes are also often levied on goods arriving or departing.

Dillinj itself is relatively well supplied but there is some shortage of commodities such as flour.

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