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KADUGLI - 13 Sep 2012

S. Kordofan MP resigns in row over replacing slain speaker

Dissent broke out in the South Kordofan parliament over who should replace the recently assassinated Speaker Ibrahim Balandia, leading to the resignation of one member. The lawmakers of the war-torn state are at odds over which member of the ruling National Congress Party should lead, reports suggest.

A confidential source told Radio Tamazuj that strong arguments broke out among the members of the parliament over which member to choose for the position of Speaker. The post was contested by Gadim Babiker and Binder, but the state government ultimately appointed a certain Elhadi Osman.

The argument led to the withdrawal of ten members and the resignation of the MP Binder. The source also added that the government announced that its appointment of Elhadi as Speaker of the Parliament came in accordance with the rules of the National Congress Party which require the position to be filled by a party member while his deputy should be from the Kadugli tribe.