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WANYJOK - 24 Mar 2014

Rizeigat tribe starts seasonal migration into Bahr El Ghazal

Local authorities in South Sudan’s Northern Bahr El Ghazal State announced that the Rizeigat Arab nomadic tribe has started migration southward as the rainy season is on the verge of beginning in South Sudan.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Sunday, the Aweil East County Commissioner Kiir Awet stated the Rizeigat herders had already come with their cattle in Rumaker area and other grazing sites in the county.

The commissioner noted the peace conference held on 18 March between the Rizeigat tribe and Dinka Malaul emphasized the importance of peaceful coexistence between the two border communities.

“In the meeting we told them that we don’t want anyone crossing the border with a gun especially while heading to Northern Bahr El Ghazal for the purposes of grazing, so they agreed on that condition,” says the commissioner.

Respect of property as well as non-infringement on the sanctity and privacy of local residents was also discussed in the conference, according to the South Sudanese official.

“We don’t want anyone from the Rizaigat tribe going to the forests or elsewhere to harass woman and girls – such things are not allowed to occur during their stay in the state,” he underscored.

“You know, when the Rizeigat tribe decides to return back home, they used to loot cattle and make troubles to the locals, that is why those issues were thoroughly discussed and agreed upon during that meeting,” he explained.

He said both parties promised to honor the terms and conditions of the peace conference.  Awet also predicted that the Arab nomads will stay for almost seven months in the state.